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Pape Moussa Sonko, Yirime Gueye & Dupain Cissokho i Stockholm nästa helg!!! Det finns platser kvar, missa inte detta......

Pape Moussa Sonko, en Sabar superstar från Senegal, kommer till Stockholm i april! Han är en exceptionell dansare och dessutom en engagerad och inspirerande lärare. Det är väldigt sällan han ger workshop i Europa, så missa inte detta!!

Workshopen passar alla, från nybörjare till avancerade elever och kommer att ackompanjeras av live trummor - Yirime Gueye och Dupain Cissokho, två av de bästa Sabar maestros i Europa.

Man kan gå bara en av dagarna om man vill men de som går hela helgen kommer att prioriteras plats. Det är först till kvarn som gäller!


For the first time in Stockholm, the one and only Pape Moussa Sonko (SEN) !!

Pape Moussa, elected best dancer in Senegal in 2011, is a respected and well-known artist who´s been performing with Senegal´s most famous singers (Youssou Ndour, Viviane Ndour and Aida Samb among others). Right now he is starring in Afrika! Afrika!, a big dance production in Germany, and has agreed to fit an intensive 2-day workshop in his busy schedule before returning back to Senegal.

Pape Moussa is a hugely entertaining and inspiring teacher with a vast knowledge of Sabar. He has a group of Japanese students that travel to Senegal every year to learn with him. Check out some of the videos to see him and his students in action! He doesn´t give a lot of workshops in Europe though - so make sure not to miss this rare opportunity to dance with one of the biggest stars in the Sabar world!

The workshop has two levels: basic and open level. The basic classes are open to anybody who is interested in Sabar, no previous experience is required. However, it is not a bad idea to participate even if you already have danced Sabar - it´s always useful to work on your basics.

The open level classes are ment for students who already know the basic steps (5-steps and so on). There´s gonna be more choreography and more rhythms than in the first class. You even get to dance to more challenging rhythms like musical and yaba. And be prepared for all the fun new stuff! Pape Moussa is a very creative dancer and comes up with fresh new steps all the time....

The classes will be accompanied by two Sabar masters from Finland, Yirime Gueye and Dupain Cissokho plus additional drummers.

In addition to Pape Moussa´s classes on Saturday and Sunday, on Friday April 4, we are going to celebrate Senegal´s Independence day with a small "taneber", a drum and dance circle, led by Yirime Gueye & Dupain Cissokho! It´s your chance to practise solos to different rhythms, even the ones you don´t get to hear that often (farwourdiar, thieboudienne, barambaye, fass, kaolack, musical, yaba etc.). Yirime and Dupain, renowned Sabar maestros, will be there to explain how you dance to different rhythms - which drum you need to listen to, how to place the breaks and so on. Sabar is all about communication between the dancer and the drummers, and this class gives you the chance to practise just that!


Pape Moussa Sonko

Yirime Gueye & Dupain Cissokho

Workshop schedule:

Friday 4.4.
kl. 19-21
Senegal Independence day Tanneber
Solo practise w/ Yirime Gueye & Dupain Cissokho

Saturday 5.4.
kl. 14.30-16 Basics w/ Pape Moussa Sonko
kl. 16-18 Open level w/ Pape Moussa Sonko

Sunday 6.4.
kl. 12-13.30 Basics w/ Pape Moussa Sonko
kl. 13.30-15.30 Open level w/ Pape Moussa Sonko

Price & registration:

If you book&pay before 21.3.

or 200kr if you´re taking classes with Pape Moussa as well

430kr / 2 days (3h)

Open level
550kr / 2 days (4h)

Basics + Open level
500kr / 1 day (3,5h)
900kr / 2 days (7h)

After 21.3.

or 250kr if you´re taking classes with Pape Moussa as well

280kr /1,5h
480kr /3h

Open level
350kr /2h
600kr /4h

Basics + Open level
550kr /3,5h (1 day)
950kr /7h (2 days)

To book your place send an email to with your name, number and the classes you´d like to take. You´ll receive an email with information concerning the payment. Please note that registering is binding.

It is possible to take a class on only Saturday or only Sunday, but people that participate on both days are given priority. Limited spots available, so better to register ASAP!

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2014-03-31 02:56:20

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