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Lö 14 nov: WORKSHOP med 5 DANSARE fr MOZAMBIC! Show & Fest..
Välkomna alla på WORKSHOP & FEST/SHOW med 5 Mozambikanska dansare lörd 14 november!
Show & Fest på kvällen med prova-på Kizomba, afrikansk musik, mat, bar & massor av dans....på URKRAFT, Sveav 128, Sthlm;)
4 hours of workshops (to livedrums!) and AFRICAN LUNCH from Mozambique!

SHOW with the dancers & drummers and PARTY in the evening with african music, opportunity to try Kizomba with the dancers, Mozambic Dance & drumshow, food, drinks and ofcourse a LOT of dancing!

Don´t miss the great opportunity to dance with the fantastic mozambican dancers visiting Sweden, Neidy, Dyllu, Antonio and Pedro! Assisting the workshop will also be stockholm based dancer Nando Valoi. Together they will hold a 4 hours workshop, and share their dance with you. All five of them have been dancing together in different dance companies in Mozambique.

The workshop is beginners level with "dansvana" and you will have the chance to try out different mozambican rhythms together with these experienced dancers.

PLACE/Venue: URKRAFT, Sveav 128, Sthlm

PROGRAM: Saturday November 14th:


11.00 - 13.00: Antonio and Neidy

13.00 - 14.00: LUNCH: Try our african lunch from Mozambique! (80kr incl drink)

14.00 - 16.00: Pedro and Dyllu


19.00 PARTY opening with african food
20.00 Try Kizomba with the dancers from Mozambique!
21.00 AfricanDance & Drumshow from Moçambique!
Bar, african food, african music and of course a lot of dancing.....Entrance: 100kr (Free for people who take 4-hour-workshop during the day!)

- 690kr (4 hours of dancing) including african party in the evening with introduction workshop to Kizomba! Registration code: M4
- 390kr (2 hours of dancing): 11.00-13.00: Registration code: M2a
- 390kr (2 hours of dancing): 14.00-16.00: Registration code: M2b

PARTY Entrance fee: 100kr (FREE for people who take 4-hour-workshop during the day!)

SIGN UP: Se registration codes above. Write your name and email and registration code together with your payment of 200kr to pg: 69876-1, Urkraft, Dorima AB.

About the dancers:

NEIDY RUTE JORGE (resident in Spain)
Neidy started dancing when she was very young. In 2000 she begun her professional dance career and in 2002 she joined the recongnized Mozambican dance company Milhoro. Neidy has been working together with many different choreographers both in Mozambique and internationally. She is a very expressive, energetic and strong dancer with a lot of experience of teaching Mozambican dances. She is also a choreographer and a great contemporary dancer. Today she is giving dance classes in Spain and is working as a free lancer with the dance.

ANTONIO CHILAULE (resident in Norway)
Antonio is a former member of the Nacional Dance Company of Mozambique (CNCD). In 2007 he won a scholarship to study at the Upper Dance School of Contemporary Dance in Anger, France. Antonio has been formed as a dancer during his four years in P.A.R.T (Performing Arts Research and Training studies) in Norway and has worked together with many well known choereographers such as, Thomas Hauert (Switzerland) David Hernadez (USA), Mega Stiert (Belgium) Vanderkebus (Belgium) and Daniel Abreu (Spain). Today Antonio is the founder, a member and the art director of the company Arteunlimited and is collaborating with artists from all over the world.

DYLLU MATOLA (resident in Norway)
Ever since Dyllu can remember she always enjoyed dancing and in 2001 she started dancing professionally in the Mozambican dance company Milorho. Dyllu regards dancing as a life reaffirming activity, that celebrates and preserves the culture and the art, through which she has found a way of life and communication. Dyllu is not only a trained and experienced dancer in Mozambican traditional dances but she has also developed a passion for other styles like contemporary dance, Zumba, Kizomba, Belly dancing, Hip hop, Dance hall, Samba and others

PEDRO MACHAVA (resident in Norway)
Pedro started dancing professionally in 1997 and three years later, in 2000, he joined the National Dance Company in Mozambique (CNCD). Pedro has worked together with many different Mozambican and international choreographers and in 2010 he was part of the rewarded production “Orobroy Stop” produced by the recognized contemporary choreographer Horacio Macuacua from Mozambique. Pedro has not only great experience in the traditional Mozambican dances but is also a very talented contemporary dancer. Today he is dancing in the Norweigan dance company “Dida Produksjonen”

NANDO VALOI (resident in Sweden)
Nando has danced since he was a very young boy and has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer for many years. He is a former member of the well known dance company Milorho and is one of the founders and choreographers of the recognized company in the traditional Mozambican dance & drum, Hodi Maputo Afro Swing. Not only is Nando a very experienced dancer of the traditional Mozambican dance but he is also a Lindy Hop dancer and is an Ambassador for Franky Manning Foundation in Mozambique. Recently he and his dance company produced a dance project where Lindyhop & Traditional Mozambican dance met in a extraordinary and interesting fusion. Nando is a strong dancer and is a very likable, pedagogic and humble teacher filled with positive energy in his way of teaching.

Most welcome all!


Jenny Ajland
2015-10-22 14:33:50

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